Al Hazm Castle

Al Hazm Castle1

Al Hazm Castle is one of the most magnificent castles in Oman. It was built in 1708 towards the end of the reign of Al Yarubi tribe over Oman when they made Al Rustaq the capital at that time.

The designer of this castle was Imam Sultan bin Saif al Yarubi. Al Yarubi tribe was most famously known for removing the Portuguese from Oman. They were also responsible for constructing several significant Omani forts and castles including Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle. The difference between Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle on one side and Al Hazm Castle on the other side demonstrates the shift in the construction of Omani forts designed to withstand gun attacks, to Omani forts designed to withstand cannon attacks, with Al Hazm being the more technologically advanced structure.

Al Hazm Castle Top View

The construction of the castle is unique among other Omani forts and castles in the fact that no wood was used in the construction of its ceilings.

Al Hazm Castle is a fortified structure and at the same time it was a palace in which the Imam live in. It is worth noting that Al Hazm Castle is on the Unesco’s list for World Heritage sites along with Al Rustaq Fort.

Though the castle was designed primarily for defense and security purposes, it features delicate artistic architectural elements. This castle was recently renovated and is equipped with digital guides and detailed description of the exhibit. The castle has a square shape with two towers on the north and south corners. The most important feature of the main building of the castle is its intricate Indian wood door. The castle also has a prison, mosque and a religious classroom.

There is also a falaj that runs underneath the castle and provides vital water to many date trees and other agriculture treasures in the area. The castle also has a tomb of the castle’s founder, Imam Sultan bin Saif bin Sultan al Yarubi, who died in 1718, and that of his son, Saif bin Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi, who died in 1742. The castle showcases some unique engravings and architectural designs that are not seen in other castles. Al Hazm Castle stands as a solid reminder of Oman’s proud history and enduring heritage.

Getting there

Al Hazm Castle is about 110 kilometers from the capital city Muscat. The easiest way is to take left at the Mulladah roundabout past Musannah on the Batinah highway. Head straight towards Rustaq till you see Al Hazm sign.

Site is accessible by a sedan.

Have a safe journey and do share your experiences.

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