Wadi Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi is a wadi in Al Sharqiyah region of Oman on the way to Sur, nearby to the very popular Wadi Shab but unique in its own way with numerous farms and plantations dotting the wadi, and a stunning pool deep inside towards village of Mibam. Wadi Tiwi, which is named after Tiwi village at the coast, is a truly beautiful wadi with the lush plantations giving it a different feel than many other wadis. Wadi Tiwi5On the Sur highway take the Tiwi exit and follow the road below the towering bridge. This may be the last spot to use public toilets before you venture deep into the mountains.

A visit to Wadi Tiwi is a unique experience compared to other wadis we have visited previously, in that it combines a great off-road drive right through the wadi mouth, with the ‘typical’ wadi-scrambling-on- foot you’ll need to do to traverse and reach the pools. Due to the road through Wadi Tiwi being right on the shoulder of the wadi, it is entirely up to you where you want to stop your car and start the wadi trek, or whether you want to drive all the way to the end of Mibam village and start from there.

Wadi Tiwi4

Drive all the way to the Mibam village if you don’t intend to trek because you’ll need all the energy to go down to the water fall and back. Once you park there, make your way to the waterfall through the farms.

Wadi Tiwi7 It is not straightforward going down through the farms, so you might need to go back up and try a different path, or just politely ask any of the villagers to walk you down to the pool, which you reach through a very steep path winding down.

Wadi Tiwi 9

If you are the adventurous types (Don’t think, you better be if you plan to do this), ask kids in the area to take you down the cliff to get a better view of the water fall. Wear sturdy and waterproof pair of shoes and go light and carry sufficient drinking water to keep you hydrated.

Wadi Tiwi is different and pleasant, simply due to the lush plantations around it and the beautiful pool. You will also get to see the skillfully constructed, Falaj irrigation system that waters the village and the vegetation all around.

Wadi Tiwi8

Although you may be an adenine junkie, it is always advisable to carry the following and make sure to travel light if you plan to trek, since it is a steep walk down and back up.


First and foremost a Flotation device (You never know where it may come handy)

First Aid kit

Waterproof footwear

Waterproof backpack



Sufficient drinking water

Protein high diet to keep you energized. (We prefer date and nut bars or even granola bars helps)


Getting there

Wadi Tiwi is about 220 kms from Muscat. Drive east on the Sur highway passing through Al Amerat and Quriyat. Wadi Tiwi exit is 5 kilometers after the Wadi Shab exit.  The drive should take about two and half hours from Muscat. 4×4 is a must. Sedan may go up to a certain point but beyond that the drive is up slope and rough.

Have a safe journey and do share your experiences.

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