Muscat Gate Museum

Muscat Gate is one of the easily missed attractions in Muscat that deserve a lot more attention since behind these walls was timeworn city that flourished into a present conurbation.


Straddling the road between the Corniche and the old walled city, this monument cum museum, with the original gates used until the 1970s to keep land-bound marauders out, marks the position of the old city wall and introduces Muscat.






Muscat Gate used to act as an official gate for the old city of Muscat in ancient times that used to be shut off after sunset to stop movement in and out of the city at night. The Gate was renovated and opened in its current form in the year 1995 with a photographic museum located on top of the gate that tells the history of Muscat.

The Museum tells Oman’s long journey, and focuses in particular on the times gone by of the capital, Muscat. It also provides an explanation of the Falaj irrigation system Oman is famous for, in addition to Oman’s distinctive architecture, whether in the construction of niches in mosques, halls, doors or wooden arches.


This museum takes the visitor on a journey through the various stages of development and growth of the city, from a commercial port to a prosperous capital, and stands witness to Muscat’s relics and history.










Getting there

Drive east towards Muscat crossing the Muttrah’s sea front. Take the right turn immediately after the gate to find a small parking space. A small flight of staircase will take you on the top of the gate and to the museum.  Do not miss the amazing view from the top of the Muscat Gate of old Muscat and Muttrah.


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