The Beginning

While that constant urge in us to do something new and something different made us do this blog. We were in complete dilemma on what the topic should be. We wanted something that is close to our heart and would make us feel more passionate every time we thought about it. Also the idea was to help generate content that would be useful for the people out there who are reading and following this blog.

What better than something that’s really dear…”Oman”. Yes Oman! Paradise of Gulf. Blessed with beauty from north to south. Oman’s history has been full of heroism, courage, wisdom, patriotism, love and devotion to homeland. Our idea is to re-live that past full of heritage, live the promising present and the vibrant times that lie ahead.

Everything Oman is all about Oman (Yes! Just as the name says it) – Ahlan Wa Sahlan 

We will talk about People, Culture, Tradition, Customs, Places, Entertainment, Food, Hotels, Health, Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Auto and just about everything in between…(Didn’t we mention “Everything”)

Whether you are an avid traveler touring Oman or just one of the local resident, there will be something for everyone. Come join us on this exciting journey to explore this wonderful paradise “Oman”

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